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Come try out our new line of AMBUCS AmTrykes and get your order in now for the holidays!
Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Location: ESPRIT Event Room
13900 Marquesas Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
RSVP to Dr. Cheryl Bryantbruce, MD at 866-451-8112 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              866-451-8112      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              866-451-8112      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

We are offering you the opportunity to share the magic in a special event as the National Executive Director of AMBUCS is coming out to California to bring the new line of AMTRYKES to Los Angeles! He will bring out three AMTRYKES, one of which will be raffled off to one special child. We will spend the entire day into the evening demonstrating the bikes and fitting children for these special trykes. If families are able to purchase the trykes, we will take the orders. If a family is unable to afford a tryke, we will work with our volunteer members of AMBUCS so the child can receive the tryke as a holiday gift. We ask your assistance with this wonderful event by providing your client base with the information for the event. If you have a child or are a disabled adult who would like to try out a tryke, please RSVP as soon as possible, so that we can get an accurate head count. If you are available to volunteer your time or resources for this event, please call! We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!

Welcome to The Gregory Center for Exceptional Children and Families,Inc. We have put together many programs and pieces of information that we hope you will find useful and informative. It is a large site, so take your time and enjoy perusing it at your leisure. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you and we always encourage any recommendations you may have for improvement of both our sites and our services.

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"Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing."
--Rollo May, American psychoanalyst

HOOP DREAMS! Click the link to watch this heartwarming story of the success of one student with autism who dared to dream that he could be what everybody else thought he couldn't!

Gregory Center News and Updates:
Posted: November 8, 2008
Will 2008 Bring Change?
The election of Senator Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America this week has brought tremendous excitement, as people all over the world look forward to much needed change. Although the cultural shift may not be as great as such an event would portend it to be, it is still a monumental milestone. As we watch President-elect Obama in the upcoming days, months, and years, it is the hope of all of us at the Gregory Center that he will help to usher in many changes. We hope that these changes will benefit all peoples and that counted amongst these will be the many people living with disabilities in this country. President-elect Obama is taking on the job in some of the most trying times. Let each and every one of us in the disability community support him by letting our voices be heard, so that he can know and fulfill our needs. Let us give him pour prayers to guide him on his way. Let us CONGRATULATE President-elect Barack Obama on his achievement and take strength in the example of his perseverance.

Posted: April 15, 2008
The Gregory Center Welcomes David Winters as its newest board member!
It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mr. David Winters, President of the Los Angeles Luxury Council, to serve on the board of the Gregory Center. Mr. Winters will also serve on the board of the Gregory Center Miracle League 90210. Mr. Winters' two year term will commence on May 1, 2008.

Posted: November 28, 2007
The Gregory Center Miracle League 90210 was on the agenda at the Beverly Hills City Hall Meeting for the Community Services agenda on November 27 at 2:00pm. We are fighting to get a field at La Cienega Park located on Gregory Drive(of course-could it get more perfect?). Our presentation was well-received. The Gregory Center was placed on the agenda of items for the recreation planning committee to consider as conceivable uses for park space. Please help us let Beverly Hills know that inclusion is an important agenda and that th Miracle League is a great place to show our community support for inclusion in our recreational activities. Every kid should have the opportunity to play ball! Please support us by contacting the Beverly Hills City Council and letting them know that this is a matter that you would like to see supported by the Beverly Hills community.

Volunteers for the Miracle League have already begun pouring in. If you are interested in volunteering for the magical program, please send us your information. If you are interested in volunteering resources for this program, please send us your information. If you are interested in serving as a board member, please send us your information. If you just want to know more about it, please send us your information! The Gregory Center Miracle League 90210 looks forward to hearing from you and we THANK YOU for your support!!! For further information, email us at or contact Dr. BB at 310-280-3100

Posted August 25, 2007
The Gregory Center is bringing the Miracle League to Los Angeles!
The Gregory Center is actively in the throes of gearing up to bring the Miracle League and a new field to southern California. Now officially headquartered in Beverly Hills, the Gregory Center will be working diligently to help to increase the availability of services and resources for children with disabilities in the Los Angeles County area. As our entry effort, we will be focusing on getting a Miracle League program up and running in the Los Angeles area. We will be establishing ourselves as a southern California Amtryke regional center as well. Efforts will begin in the early fall to set up CP and Autism Support Groups in the surrounding communities and to recreate our therapeutic dance program. We will be working closely with Dr. Lane Scott to develop our hyperbaric oxygen program in the Beverly Hills area to begin making those services available in the Southern California area. Keep your eye out on our progress as we begin networking and settling into our new home city! We look forward to enjoying the support of the Beverly Hills community and its surrounding locales. We look forward to working with the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, as we commence the development of our new Beverly Hills location. We are excited for the endless possibilities that the upcoming year will bring!

The Gregory Center will be hard at work this year in the Los Angeles area raising the funds needed to bring the Gregory Center Miracle League 90210 to the Los Angeles area with a field complex of its very own.

If you have a business and would like to be a sponsor, please notify me immediately. I am putting my personal funds into securing a league for the Los Angeles area. Now I need your help to make it happen!

If you are an organization and looking for a worthwhile charitable activity to which to donate your time and/or your funds, please contact me.

If you have grantwriting skills or web designing skills and would be willing to volunteer some time, WE NEED YOU!

Come with me on this exciting journey to something very special! Help me create the "Field of Dreams" for our real life "Angels in the Outfield!"

For further information, contact or call Dr. BryantBruce @ 310-280-3100 . You may also use our toll free number listed at the top of the screen.

Posted November 30, 2006
Dr. Lane Scott responsible for helping to bring to light child abuse and child exploitation at Mexican orphanage!

Posted July 7, 2006
The Family Reclamation Movement and the Gregory Center congratulate Ms. Kimberly Gomez, Baby Moira and their family on the successful return of Moira to her family and home. The courts ordered that full custody of Moira be returned to her parents. Under the loving care of her mother, father and doting sisters and brother, she is gaining weight, healthy and happy! Chalk up another victory for parents!

July 7, 2006
Cheyenne has finally completed the series of numerous surgeries that have allowed her tracheostomy to be removed. Cheyenne has a newly reconstructed trachea(windpipe) and is now breathing on her own through her nose and mouth for the first time in her life. Although she still has some post-surgical vocal cord swelling, we expect to be hearing from Ms. Cheyenne with her own voice very soon...and we think she has a lot to say! She took Gregory with her as her guardian angel and they were a very successful team. Cheyenne is still in Ohio, but we expect her back home within the week.
The Gregory Center wishes to join the Fischer family in extending a heartfelt expression of gratitude to all who contributed to assisting Cheyenne in achieving her trip to Cincinnati. The reward of your generous contributions. Cheyenne will finally be able to really swim with her sisters for the first time! Please enjoy reading the prior posts from the Fischer family below!

Dr. bryant bruce and the gregory center, i want to thank you somuch for your help over the last few months. life here has been an emotional roller coaster for myself and children. thanks to your help we made our trip to Cinn. the trip was all that we could have prayed for and more. by this time next year cheyenne will be talking and trach free. it is truly a miracle. she will have a lot of surgerys this yr to get her to that point, but it will be well worth it. finally when cheyenne is well i will also be able to get a job and support my family, something i cant wait to be able todo. financial struggles only add to the burden we have gone through. once again thank you to everyone who helped and prayed. our deepest gratitiude
rhonda ,megan, cheyenne ,and trinity

Update on Cheyenne!
posted 03/11/2006 and all those who have supported us at the gregory center. especially gregory for being cheyennes guardian angel. cheyenne had surgery on the 27th of feb. it was a midface distraction to cosmetically give her cheek bones and medically to helpopen her nasal pasage to assist in her breathing when hopefully this summer her trach will come out. cheyenne was in the OR for four hours then in ICU for a few days. once moved to a regular room she developed pnumonia and a partially collapsed lung. as always though she is a trooper and a week after surgery we went home. she has 80staple from ear to ear and a set of distraction devices in her head. she is swollen and in pain. she is feeling better daily though. thank you all for your continuing support of our family and the gregory center.
rhonda fischer



Dr. Lane Scott, Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce, Little Gregory and Gregory Center supporters Wally and Patty Weible in the news in support of hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

The Gregory Center named California Regional Amtryke Center
The Gregory Center has recently been designated as the only California Regional Amtryke Center. We invite you to contact us if you know of a child who might be able to benefit from the use of an adaptive tricycle. We will evaluate the child and assist the child in trying out and/or obtaining an Amtryke.

Western College of Natural Health
The Gregory Center looks forward to the opening of The Western College of Natural Health. We are eagerly anticipating that the college, originally founded by Mr. John Scott, father of Dr. Lane Scott, will formally begin operating under our Department of Education and Advocacy very soon. Some preliminary offerings through the college began in Spring 2004 in Campbell, California.

The Academy of New Life Awakeningsis well on its way to becoming a reality. This inclusive school will combine hyperbaric oxygen therapy, aquatic therapy, neurological organization therapy(patterning), traditional therapies, nutrition, assistive technology, and a number of other interventional approaches with a strong academic education to provide an environment in which all children can learn and thrive together without barriers. The school, which is to be located in Campbell, CA will be the pilot school. It is to be the first of a number of such schools which The Gregory Centerwill develop under the watchful guidance of Dr. Lane Scott, for whom the Academy will be a dream fulfilled.

Promotionals and Other Announcements

Health Insurance(even covers for pre-existing conditions)

Posted: Feb 03, 2010
Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is offering a patient outreach program to inform U.S. families of children with physical deformities about free reconstructive plastic surgery and related medical services that are available fro the non-profit group. The program includes a video news release and a CD with Background information. For more information about the organization, visit To obtain the outreach materials, contact the organization by calling 888-551-1003.


The Gregory Center is currently accepting applications for immediate opening for new board members. Board members serve a two year term. If you are interested in supporting this worthy cause by lending your expertise, whatever your expertise may be, please leave us your contact information at 310-280-3100 and we will get back to you as soon as possible to begin considering you as a potential board member.

Posted: January 26, 2010
Our Annual Heart of Gold Event will take place on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 and we need your help with our nominations. Please forward on this e-mail to your friends and fellow advocates in the disability community, and then take a few minutes to nominate anyone that you know has achievements related to developmental disabilities that are consistent with the AADD mission and merit special recognition.

Follow this link-- (or copy and paste the ULR into your browser) to our nomination form and Save copy to your computer.
Fill out the form by February 15 and email or fax back to the attention on Linda Anderson. (; Fax: 404-881-0094)

For any question regarding this form please send your email to Linda Anderson or give her a call at 404.881.9777 ext. 217

If you’d like to support our programs with a donation, you can do so here:

Bradley Hartman
Information Management Specialist
All About Developmental Disabilities
404-881-9777 ext. 221

A Life Well Lived-
A tribute to Gregory David Bryant-Bruce, Jr.
June 10, 1993-November 30, 2003

photo by Lifetouch Portraits
Gregory Bryant-Bruce
June 10, 1993 - November 30, 2003

The angel of the Lord took the hand of Gregory Bryant-Bruce and led him home.

How fast can you run, Gregory? ... I can run fast now!
How high can you jump, Gregory? ... I can jump high now!
How far can you see, Gregory? ... I can see far beyond the rainbows now!
How long can you play, Gregory? ... I can play all day now!
How long can you laugh, Gregory? ... I can laugh forever now!
How many angels can you see, Gregory? ... I can see so many they are swinging
me around and around and around, throwing me in the air and catching me...
and I am safe, warm and loved... in the arms of the angels and our Lord.
-Belen Hernandez

In Loving Memory of JOHNNIE L. COCHRAN, JR.

October 2, 1937-March 30, 2005
Please join the Gregory Center in remembering one of our founding board members,paying loving tribute to Attorney Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Mr. Cochran contributed generously of himself with regards both to the Gregory Center and to little Gregory. When asked to eulogize little Gregory, Cochran commented, "What can you say about a child that is wiser than everybody in the room put together?" I now ask the question, "what can I say about such a man?" We, at the Gregory Center, will be forever grateful for his numerous contributions. My life personally has been made richer for having known him. I am sure he is in Heaven bouncing Gregory on his knee...
Cheryl BryantBruce, M.D.

The Gregory Center is a 501(c)3 tax deductible organization. 100% of the funds go to use for the children. All administrative costs for the organization are supported by Elite Personal Physician Services, Inc. and Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce, M.D. Please give generously!
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